Michael Benzine

Teacher, Pixelated.
Teacher, Pixelated.

Two-time winner of the Crash Magazine Golden Joystick; thrice winner of the Egham & Staines Informer Tech Teacher of the Year (regional runner-up) – to many, Michael Benzine (@MichaelBenzine) remains an enigma. Not least to his Teaching Assistant, Glynnis Hardacre (@HardacreGlynis).

To celebrate his appointment as Edu Tech Czar to the UK government’s Department for Education, we have collated these documentary episodes, charting Michael’s continual rise to prominence in the UK educational universe.

A pedagogical powerhouse and tech/Lego maestro, Michael is fearlessly experimental and an unceasing source of inspiration to his trainee teacher, Keith.

Read on as Michael gets to grips with Growth Mindset; meets the British astronaut, Sir Timothy Peake; is critically-eviscerated by the leading edublogger, David Duvet, and gives a barnstorming (if a little abusive) keynote speech at BETT.

Teacher, Refracted – Episode 1

We are introduced to the six-time winner of the Robert Dyas Gamification Gong: Michael Benzine – a teacher you can trust to prepare your children for lessons that haven’t been planned yet.

Teacher, Buffering – Episode 2

The class wait for a video to start.

Teacher, Augmented – Episode 3

Michael gets lost in limbo between augmented reality and a classroom full of accidentally slapped children.

Teacher, Yet – Episode 4

Michael discovers the Growth Mindset and sets about generating lots of posters for Glynnis to laminate.

Teacher, Upstanding – Episode 5

Michael gets the green light for an edutaintional research project – and blows the funding on Skittles.

Teacher, Vacuumed – Episode 6

Michael skypes an old school friend, Sir Tim Peake, and rekindles a quiet antagonism. Whatever you do, do not press the red button.

Teacher, Unplugged – Episode 7

Michael and Glynnis find less sanctuary than they bargained for, as Michael is given a low-profile job to do at the Department for Education.

Teacher, High Forever – Episode 8

Michael should be teaching, but can’t resist rehearsing his TED Talk. “Can I know your future children?!” he implores of his largely indifferent students.

Teacher, Leaving – Episode 9

Michael muses upon blood loss, whilst his country votes whether or not to float off into the Atlantic.

Teacher, Inspected – Episode 10

OFSTED come into Michael’s classroom as his students ride between the tables upon imaginary horses.

Teacher, Possessed – Episode 11

Michael’s well of inspiration runs dry as yet another Big Writing session is dominated by visions of Jumanji-possessed Monopoly figurines.

Teacher, Formidable – Episode 12

A great foreshadowing drapes its mantle over Bracewell, with the arrival of Lazlo Musk – a charismatic, young teacher who uses Playmobil to teach fronted adverbials – and his teaching assistant, Loreta Soreen, whose hair reflects rainbows.

Teacher, Benighted – The Thirteenth Episode…

My 200th blog. My thirteenth episode of the Michael Benzine series; an episode of which I am equal parts proud… and terrified. Sit awhile with me in the warmth of Michael’s campfire – and guard yourself against the shivering darkness.

In forthcoming episodes, Michael will infiltrate PISA and then find himself the Global Head of Education for an international technology company. All in a day’s work for a teacher at the bleeding edge of pedatech.

If there is anything you would like to see Michael do, experience or endure, please comment below.