A Heartbreaking Edublog of Staggering Genius


“I’d like to thank my trail of dead hamsters…”
Unbeknownst to you, my last several blogs have formed a subliminal canvas for you to nominate me as TES Blogger of the Year. Now, even though I have just revealed this to you, you still don’t know it, so please allow me to continue.

I have conducted a meta-analysis of edublogs just now in my mind and come to the following conclusion: the perfect edublog is the quintessence of the heartfelt, the contentious and the comforting. It is a sweet spot: on the precise border of keening for the new and mourning the known.

The perfect edublog blows your mind with lateral thought, repairs it with practical advice and then leaves you hanging by some ineffable conclusion, perhaps hinting that there is more to be gleaned in the next blog.

As teachers, we all have heads, hearts and minds. We feel with our hands and our hearts, and yet we scratch our heads: we quibble over pen colours and educational aims. Let us not quibble over pen colours (settling perhaps on purple), nor bicker over educational aims (making do with enlightenment). Let us come together in a common cause for the betterment of Microsoft Excel functionality and find uses for Google Education that make us look good (fleetingly, on Linkedin).

If you vote for me as (ahem) TES Blogger of the Year, I promise you the following: I shall build a wall around Nick Gibb and Nicky Morgan (and, just for fun, Tristram Hunt). And who will pay for it?

I shall also sing at the awards ceremony. But what will I sing?

Tune in next week for more insightful commentary and heartfelt wit.


5 thoughts on “A Heartbreaking Edublog of Staggering Genius

  1. I am thinking, “I’ve never been to me” by the marvellous Charlene.
    I think your writing closes gaps, if only there was a edu grouter of the year award.

    Liked by 1 person

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