Learning Hairstyles


The sights, sounds and kinaesthetics of hair.
I suppose everyone’s Golden Time has to come to an end at some point, hasn’t it? Sat here, surrounded by the detritus of a summer’s debauchery, I must ultimately contemplate the return to work that rears no earlier than tomorrow morning.

This year’s beginning is a little different, strangely. Or should I say, I am a little different. I don’t begin with any radical resolution or technological gimmickry; I shan’t be trialling #smallwriting, #bigpens (winks to #edutwitter) or #slowknowledge. I shall simply be there tomorrow, with my plans, my puppetry and my personage: and I am quietly pleased. Not excited – that would be too strong a word to describe my stillness of mind.

I do have a few little projects to liven up my teach-thang. I shall be shaking the dust off my guided-reading folders and giving the literature circle one last twirl before I decide whether to kick it in the nuts and replace it with whole-class texts.

I will be dabbling with Popplet (an online mind-mapping tool that teachers probably frothed about at BETT back in 2010 or something).

I shall even, to my gleeful shame, be offering my students an #Iwishmyteacherknew box into which they can confide in me anonymously. I promise not to publish their heartfelt confidences (as it appalls me to find others do). Although, to be fair, I wouldn’t have found out about the initiative otherwise, would I?

Tomorrow, again, I shall be a teacher. Just another teacher: trying, failing, trialling, succeeding in increments. Mostly, I am in it for the ruffling of hairstyles and the suggestion that amid the flurry of rising attainment, something might be dawning on someone, somewhere.

But mostly, as I said: the ruffling of hairstyles is what draws me back year after year.

Come tomorrow’s dawning: what hairstyles await?


3 thoughts on “Learning Hairstyles

  1. I hear learning styles is back in, but you have to do it ironically. Also, the I wish my teacher knew thing (I am one of your hated publicisrs btw) would be better later on once they have gotten know you a bit, as you will just get a lot of dreck about .i wish my teacher knew I like chicken’ until they are ready to let truth gush forth to you, their trusted ally in the world. Tomorrow you’re just a bloke analysing their hairstyles and, one hopes, handing out the Learning Styles questionnaire.

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