Millions Stood

Millions stood: a silent hand-holding across two borderlines and three tiny nations.

They stood, patiently waiting for independence. And they knew already, in their quiet coalescence, that they had won.

The line held steady; each man’s, woman’s and child’s chest rising in a stifling of tearful joy. Cells, they were, in a single organism. And new nerve-endings shot a single message from one end of the 1,000 kilometre line to the other.

The message never found its way into language and it never will. I will speak it now only through its absence and you will find it in the spaces.

There is nothing more powerful than an unarticulated and undulating common understanding. Everything happens because of such, and all things exist in hand with all things.


2 thoughts on “Millions Stood

  1. I think I know what event this is about, but in many ways the poignancy stands alone and I now, don’t want to know. I do however feel philosophically & socially bolstered by your writing.

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