The Meaning of Life


On the shortest day…

In May this year, I ran 42 kilometres and 195 metres. There are 42 lingering pains directly attributable to that 4 hour and 10 minute excruciation. It is entirely likely that I shall never do that again.

My eldest daughter’s favourite album is AC/DC’s classic, gravelled-screech, powerchord fest: Back In Black. The first album that I genuinely enjoyed as a teenager (Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice 2 soundtrack doesn’t count) was Pink Floyd’s plangent Dark Side of the Moon. The duration of each album is 42 minutes.

Elvis Presley went into hiding when he was 42; the Titanic was charging along at 42 kilometres per hour when it hit the ice; there are 42 laws in cricket; and Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard on page 42 of The Philosopher’s Stone.

Today, the 21st (which, when doubled, is 42) is the Winter Solstice: a day of desparate gratitude for the Sun and fear of its never returning.

My birthday: the angle of a rainbow.

And guess how old one is who claws for meaning, with fingers-crossed, in the middle of life.

I’ll give you 42 guesses.


2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. Not to mention that the digits four and two add up to six, and that six time six is thirty six which is six fewer than forty two. And also, that three is halfway between four and two and three times six (which is four add two) is eighteen and eighteen times THIRTY SEVEN is 666 which is the phone number of SATAN and if each letter in the word SATAN is coded like A=1,B=2 etc, then you add those all up, it equals 55 and 55 is THIRTEEN MORE than FORTY TWO. Creepy when you think about it like this.

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