If My Classroom Caught Fire…

The prompt for today’s blog entry is ‘Imagine your classroom caught fire. Assuming that everyone is safely away from the fire, what would you want to retrieve from the burning classroom?’

As I reflect on this, I keep in mind that tragedy demands closure. If I make the wrong choice, someone must pay in order for balance to be restored.

In previous years, I would have said my laptop, for the simple reason that I keep all of my planning and many of my resources electronically. However, now that I use Google Drive to store my files in the cloud, I can get hold of them from any computer (or smartphone or tablet).

If I could safely retrieve it, I might try to prize the smartboard from the wall, but I would look pretty stupid doing so, and would probably collapse under its weight (and remain trapped in the burning classroom).

On the walls in my classroom, I have some amazing student-created artwork inspired by texts we have studied. One particular work shows a page from an imagined graphic novel of ‘The Great Gatsby’. It dramatises the actions and thoughts of George Wilson in the buildup to his murder of Gatsby. An amazing piece of empathetic artwork from an inspirational student.

To conclude, let us suppose I can only retrieve one of the above: laptop, smartboard or inspirational student artwork. Which one would I choose?

We are crying out for the artwork to be rescued: it is (in its way) priceless and irreplaceable. It would also reflect very well on me to re-emerge from the smouldering wreckage of room 67, clutching a charred, but cherished piece of work. However, the image of a bungling, misguided teacher trapped whimpering under his own smartboard, whilst desk tidies melt in the foreground, is just too pathetic to pass up. I would go back for the smartboard and go down in a blaze of stupidity!

Balance is restored.

3 thoughts on “If My Classroom Caught Fire…

  1. I’m so glad you have an eye for the comedy in our profession. I knew a teacher whose classroom burned down and everyone in the community who ran to the school to watch the blaze asked her if the class fish were okay. Thankfully, it was during the holidays and the class fish were vacationing at her house. Phew!
    btw; thanks for following me! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts too!


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